Consult Family & Friends

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When it comes to professional services, the cheapest price doesn’t always mean the best value. This can also be true when hiring an attorney to help with a problem you have. If the service that you receive is sub par, you’ll likely come out of the situation in a worse position even if you didn’t pay the lawyer as much as other better-skilled lawyers were charging.

As is the case with other professionals, family and friends are often a quality source for recommendations on finding a good lawyer. Though you will probably pay more than you would be using a group affiliation, being referred to a lawyer by a specific person is the next best thing.

In addition to the cost, family and friends can give you other, nonfinancial information that may end up saving you money in the long run. They can speak to responsiveness and timeliness of the lawyer, for example, and the quality of his office support staff. You can find out information from family and friends that you would otherwise not know when evaluating a lawyer like whether or not they felt “nickel-and-dimed” by his fees.

You may also be able to keep costs down by increasing your family’s business with the particular lawyer. For example, the lawyer may charge lower rates if he is doing a number of attorney services for you. You may be able to get a discount if the lawyer does a will, a power of attorney and a living will, for both you and your spouse rather than just a will for you. (Of course, this doesn’t work out as well if you’re seeking a divorce settlement!)

If it is appropriate, it’s worthwhile talking to family and friends and they can steer you in the correct direction from their past experiences and building on what they have learned will likely save you some money.