Do Your Homework

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While representing yourself is the ultimate way to save money, for most it isn’t a viable choice unless the issue at hand is quite basic. Many people have neither the time nor the inclination to represent themselves, but even when not representing yourself, you still should do your homework in regard to your case.

no matter how complicated the issue is, it is well worth your time to educate yourself on the basics of the law as it pertains to your situation. Using the resources such as Law Help ( and the American Bar Association’s (ABA) website (, you should find out as much as possible about how the law applies to your circumstances.

There are several benefits to doing your homework in this way. Educating yourself on your case will allow you to make more valuable use of your time with your lawyer by asking pertinent, pointed questions. Since your lawyer is being paid for the time spent with you, knowing this basic information will mean that he will not have to explain everything from the beginning. it also means that you don7t need to ask near as many questions. both result in your attorney not having to spend as much time on the basics of your case and that means less money out of your pocket.

By knowing the fundamentals of your case also makes it much easier for all the pertinent information to get to your attorney. This will likely mean your case is stronger than if you know nothing about what is going on. Spending a few hours doing basic research will go a long way to reducing the amount you pay to your lawyer.